Casting Factory
Casting Factory
Casting Factory
Casting Factory

The Casting Factory's modernity allows any kind of casting requirements for every produced clerk with a capacity of 18.000 tons/a. It has a capacity of casting a 20 tons piece, as mono-block , gray cat iron can also be casted from GG-16 to GG-40 at this factory.

The Casting Factory also consists sand preparation facility, core-shop, moulding lines, material cleaning, melting facility, quality control and model manufacturing departments. The moulding sand used at the sand preparation facilitiy is prepared automatically and the sand features are controlled at the sand laboratories. Various sorts of core used for clerks are manufactured at the core-shop by preparing mixtures with different formulas. 3 units of Induction burners with 6 tons capacity and 1 unit of Dual track with 2 tons capacity serve at the melting facility. The model manufacturing for clerks that are produced and for every demand of our country's industry is facilitated at the model-shop.


The Heat-Treatment Factory having the Turkey's largest heat –treatment center in its structure in order to meet the required norms and durability of the material which TAKSAN procedure, furnishes service at world standards. Heat-Treatment Factory has a capacity of 1000 ton Per annum. Gears, work shaft, hive and Ni-Temper, Carbonitrading, hardening by Induction, relieving tension, normalization, cementation, direct hardening of cut material coming form the industry and ather heat-treatment operations can be performed at this section. Moreover there are also hydraulic press machines in order to correct any declination occured on the material while it is heat-treated.


This is an information accumulation that is occured from necessary technology system, information and experiences for producing a machine. Catching or developing the advance machine technology is very difficult for developing country.

BÜYÜKMIHCI Group Companie of TAKSAN Inc is one of the companies which have high processing posibilities with the high and latest technology in Turkey. The metal filings department has small piece manufacturing workshop, great piece manufacturing workshop and cogwheel manufacturing workshop in its area. Conventional and CNC clerks' parts and according to the requests from the country industry, every type of manufacturings and cogwheel producing are done in a world quality. There is a machine park which has 360 various types of clerks. Most of the clerks are full automatic or CNC type. Cogwheel department has 60.000 cogwheel production capacity with various types and dimensions.


The Examination Experiment and Testing equipment used at the Mechanical Testing and Metallography laboratories for measuring and controlling the products are at a level that can meet the requirements of latest quality and technology of world standards. Some of our equipments are as follows;

Moreover, we also have a Calibration Laboratory where the calibration of 14.000 various kinds of measurement adn testing equipment is performed annually. The certificates that our company has are as follows;